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Anthropologie comparative du Sahel occidental musulman

Séance du 21 juin 2017, 15h à 17h
IMAF / Site Raspail, salle de réunion, 2e étage, 96 bd Raspail 75006 Paris

- Hannah Hoechner (Postdoctorante à CeMIS, University of Antwerp),
Countercurrents of migration and faith : the education of Senegalese migrants’ children in Dakar

This paper connects diaspora and transnationalism studies with the study of change within religious schooling practices in Muslim societies by exploring the involvement of Senegalese migrants to the West within the religious education sector of their homeland. In particular, it asks what type of education Senegalese migrants demand for their children, and what this demand reveals about the conditions in their ‘host’ countries. It then explores how the religious education sector in Senegal has responded to this demand. It investigates the experiences of migrants’ children who have come to Senegal for their religious study, exploring particularly what these experiences imply for their religious identities and their sense of belonging. The paper draws on altogether eight months of ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Dakar and its suburbs since 2014.

* Hoechner, Hannah (forthcoming). Qur’anic schools in northern Nigeria. Everyday experiences of youth, faith and poverty. Cambridge University Press.

* Hoechner, Hannah (2015). Porridge, piety, and patience : young Qur’anic students’ experiences of poverty in Kano, Nigeria. Africa, 85(2), 269-288.

* Hoechner, Hannah (2015). Participatory filmmaking with Qur’anic students in Kano, Nigeria : ‘speak good about us or keep quiet !’ International Journal of Social Research Methodology. 18(6). 635-649.

* Hoechner, Hannah (2011). Striving for Knowledge and Dignity : How Qur’anic Students in Kano, Nigeria, Learn to Live with Rejection and Educational Disadvantage. European Journal of Development Research, 23(5), 712-728.

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