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Migration, development and citizenship

Call for Abstracts, Panel Proposals and Workshops.

The Association for the Anthropology of Social Change and Development (APAD) 1, Institute for Food and Resource Economics (Copenhagen University) and the Department of Social Sciences and Business (Roskilde University) organize an international conference on Migrations, Development and Citizenship.
The conference will be held at Roskilde University, Denmark, 23-25 May 2018.


The current ‘migration crisis’ demands a critical engagement and rethinking of the migration-development-citizenship nexus. Human mobility and migration within and between societies have shaped the world for centuries. States have devised various means to organize and control human mobility by allowing or restraining migrants’ rights and access to resources and services.

The increased policing and tightening of African, European and American borders, represent the confluence of security, development and citizenship. Yet, restrictive policies do not prevent migration ; it only redirects it. Prohibitive measures alter the ways in which migrants or refugees adapt, how they find niches in host societies, retain relations to their families at ‘home’ ; all affecting their sense of belonging and identity.

The conference focuses on the relation between migration and development as well as aid and humanitarian intervention and their connections to citizenship and social change. We wish to shed light on how these new patterns of migration produce new practices and conceptions of citizenship, what this means for migrant groups and host communities, and how it impacts public policies in origin, host and transit countries.

Panels and Abstracts : Researchers from all disciplines in social science and humanities, with a focus on in-depth empirical research, as well as social workers, policy-makers and development practitioners, are all invited to submit :
- Proposals for panels by October 15th, 2017
- Proposal for individual abstracts for papers by October 30th, 2017

We welcome submissions in French and English.