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Christian literature from Medieval Nubia

L’IMAF a le plaisir d’accueillir, dans le cadre du programme d’échange AURORA avec l’université de Bergen :

- Alexandros Tsakos (chercheur postdoctoral, université de Bergen)
Christian literature from Medieval Nubia

Le mercredi 3 décembre 2014
de 15h à 17h

Institut des mondes Africains
9, rue Malher
4e arr. / M° Saint-Paul
Salle 106

Résumé de la conférence :
In the frame of the Aurora program, the exchanges between Bergen and Paris included the study of medieval Nubia. The bulk of the historical sources about medieval Nubia are external and are written in Arabic. They are the object of research by Robin Seignobos, my direct collaborator in the frame of Aurora. My own research focuses on Religious Literature from Christian Nubia. This topic complements our collaboration by setting the stress on the internal sources written in Greek, Coptic and Old Nubian. In my talk, I will first present an overview of the manuscripts that have been found at sites in Christian Nubia. This will create an eloquent background for the closer examination of some examples of literary texts from Christian Nubia. The methodological axes will be the content, the language, the paleography and the codicology of the manuscripts discussed. In the end, it will be shown how such studies go beyond the frame of religious studies and throw light on issues of political and cultural history of the societies under scrutiny.