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Colonial Incarceration in the 20th century

Call for papers

We invite papers on the following topics :

 the politics of incarceration in a colonial context
 colonial prison and concentration camps and metropolitan political regimes (dictatorship or democracy)
 the incarceration in prison camps of members of metropolitan and colonial oppositions
 the legal framework for political deportation and imprisonment
 penal colonies, forced exile, deportation and imprisonment
 the relation between political imprisonment and forced labour
 the relation between prison camps and their colonial environment
 the practice of incarceration : punishment, violence, torture and death
 the prison camp as a site of resistance
 prison camps as laboratories of political repression
 the prison camp as a laboratory for post-colonial leadership
 the prison camp as a social, economic and political microcosm
 the impact of prison camps upon prisoners’ physical and mental health
 the prison camp as a site of learning and education
 the prison camp as a site for the production of memory (poetry, fiction, essays, letters, music, photography, etc.)
 prison camps and national and international media
 colonial prison camps and international organisations

Submission of paper proposals :

 Maximum time allotted for presentation is 20 mins.

 Proposals including abstracts (max. 250 words), keywords (max. 5), author’s name, institutional affiliation and e-mail address, and a brief exposition of current research and interests, should be submitted in accordance with the template

 Colonial incarceration PROPOSALS and sent the following e-mail address :

Deadline for submission of paper proposals (abstracts) : 28 February 2016

Selection of paper proposals and communication to participants : 30 March 2016
Publication conference program : 30 April 2016
Pre-circulation of summary papers (approx. 1000 words) to discussants : 30 June 2016

Some of the papers will be selected by the conference’s scientific board to be included in a special issue to an international peer-reviewed journal. Deadline for submission : 30 October2016

Publication of the ‘special issue’ : 2017/2018

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