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Colonial Incarceration in the 20th century

Call for papers

We invite papers on the following topics :

- the politics of incarceration in a colonial context
- colonial prison and concentration camps and metropolitan political regimes (dictatorship or democracy)
- the incarceration in prison camps of members of metropolitan and colonial oppositions
- the legal framework for political deportation and imprisonment
- penal colonies, forced exile, deportation and imprisonment
- the relation between political imprisonment and forced labour
- the relation between prison camps and their colonial environment
- the practice of incarceration : punishment, violence, torture and death
- the prison camp as a site of resistance
- prison camps as laboratories of political repression
- the prison camp as a laboratory for post-colonial leadership
- the prison camp as a social, economic and political microcosm
- the impact of prison camps upon prisoners’ physical and mental health
- the prison camp as a site of learning and education
- the prison camp as a site for the production of memory (poetry, fiction, essays, letters, music, photography, etc.)
- prison camps and national and international media
- colonial prison camps and international organisations

Submission of paper proposals :

- Maximum time allotted for presentation is 20 mins.

- Proposals including abstracts (max. 250 words), keywords (max. 5), author’s name, institutional affiliation and e-mail address, and a brief exposition of current research and interests, should be submitted in accordance with the template

- Colonial incarceration PROPOSALS and sent the following e-mail address :

Deadline for submission of paper proposals (abstracts) : 28 February 2016

Selection of paper proposals and communication to participants : 30 March 2016
Publication conference program : 30 April 2016
Pre-circulation of summary papers (approx. 1000 words) to discussants : 30 June 2016

Some of the papers will be selected by the conference’s scientific board to be included in a special issue to an international peer-reviewed journal. Deadline for submission : 30 October2016

Publication of the ‘special issue’ : 2017/2018

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