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African women’s struggles in a gender perspective

Publication d’un numéro spécial dans la Review of African Politcal Economy.

Editorial :
African women’s struggles in a gender perspective - Emmanuelle Bouilly, Ophélie Rillon and Hannah Cross

Articles :
- Bridging social divides : leadership and the making of an alliance for women’s land-use rights in Morocco - Yasmine Berriane
- (De-)Politicising women’s collective action : international actors and land inheritance in post-war Burundi - Marie Saiget
- Women’s mobilisation for legislative political representation in Africa - Aili Mari Tripp
- Women’s activism around gender-based violence in South Africa : recognition, redistribution and representation - Amanda Gouws
- Senegalese mothers ‘fight clandestine migration’ : an intersectional perspective on activism and apathy among parents and spouses left behind - Emmanuelle Bouilly
- Women’s protests : gender, imprisonment and resistance in South Africa (Pollsmoor Prison, 1970s–90s) - Natacha Filippi
- ‘I acted like a man’ : exploring female ex-insurgents’ narratives on Nigeria’s oil insurgency -Temitope Oriola

Book reviews :
- Women and the informal economy in urban Africa : from the margins to the centre, by Mary Njeri Kinyanju - Reviewed by Egle Cesnulyte
- Muslim families in global Senegal : money takes care of shame, by Beth Buggenhagen - Reviewed by Hannah Cross
- Gender and the political economy of conflict in Africa : the persistence of violence, by Meredeth Turshen - Reviewed by Fenella Porter

L’introduction du dossier est actuellement téléchargeable à l’adresse suivante :

Coordinatrices du numéro : Emmanuelle Bouilly (CESSP, Paris 1), Ophélie Rillon (LAM, CNRS), Hannah Cross (University of Westminster)