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Plural Africa. Politics, knowledge and social dynamics in time and space

Call for papers

Following the selection of the panels, the Association for African Studies in Italy (ASAI) announces a Call for papers for its Fifth biennial conference Plural Africa. Politics, knowledge and social dynamics in time and space.

The selected panels that are open to paper proposals are listed below.

Paper proposals should be sent in Word format to the e-mail address by 15 May 2018. They should consist of :
- The Number and title of the Panel to which the paper proposal is addressed
- Title of the paper and name of the author
- Abstract (maximum 200 words)
- Author profile (maximum 50 words).

The paper proposals can be written in one of the languages in which the title of the panel is presented, but in all cases they must be sent with their translation in English.

The papers accepted within the selected panels will be communicated to the authors after the closure of the Call, and then they will be published in the conference program.

(open to paper proposals)

N. 1
Les réfugiés et l’appropriation de l’espace de la ville africaine : Impacts des migrations forcés sur les grands centre urbain en Afrique
(Nora Gueliane, Kaouther Abderrezek, Radhwane Boukelouha)

N. 2
African Epistemologies as expressions of Plurality
(Anthony Okeregbe, Muyiwa Falaiye)

N. 3
Re-presenting Land Reform in Southern Africa

(Cherryl Walker, Mario Zamponi)

N. 4
Vita ai margini : tra sopravvivenza, informalità, criminalità e politica
Life at the margins : between survival, criminality, informality and politics
(Gianmarco Salvati, Osvaldo Costantini)

N. 5
Figures and representations of Teachers and Education staff in the "Africas"
(Nathalie Bonini, Pauline Jarroux)

N. 6
Practising Modernity, Worshipping God. Local Worlds, Diasporas and Transnationalisms in Contemporary African Religions
Praticare la modernità, lodare Dio. Mondi locali, diaspore e transnazionalismi nelle religioni africane contemporanee
(Silvia Cristofori, Pino Schirripa)

N. 7
Sexuality and Citizenship in Africa : struggles, dynamics and ‘agencies’
(Rui Garrido)

N. 8
Africa at the crossroads : global circulations and local specificities
Ripensando il continente africano tra circolazioni globali e specificità locali
(Sara Panata, Elisa Prosperetti)

N. 9
Research pluralities : reflections on the study of mobile people
(Greta Semplici, Erika Grasso)

N. 10
Colonial Boundaries in contemporary Africa : Bridges or Barriers ?
(Geoffrey I. Nwaka)

N. 11
African migration politics : decentring perspectives, exploring lived realities
(Laura Menin, Paolo Gaibazzi)

N. 12
Pluralism, public participation and constitution-making in contemporary Africa
(Veronica Federico)

N. 13
Parcours de combattants : la « prise d’armes » au prisme des constructions narratives
Combatants’ journeys : the “taking up of arms” as seen through the prism of narrative constructions
(Camille Evrard, Francesco Correale)

N. 14
Stabilità : un nuovo paradigma per l’Africa ? Quanto nuovo ? A che prezzo ?
Stability : a new paradigm for African governance. How new ? How costly ?
(Maria Stella Rognoni, Gaia Lott)

N. 15
Città, mobilità, informalità in Africa
Informality and mobility in urban Africa
(Antonio Pezzano, Isabella Soi)

N. 16
Sub-national struggles for ‘local sovereignty’ in Africa : Internal boundaries as an epistemological frontier to understand plurality
(Claire Médard, Victoire Chalin, Francesca Di Matteo)

N. 17
Identità plurali e autorappresentazioni : strategie linguistiche nelle letterature africane (poesia, narrativa, teatro)
Plural Identities and self-representation(s) : linguistic strategies in African literatures (poetry, narratives, drama)
(Giulia Maltese, Alba Rosa Suriano)

N. 18
New Perspectives on the regional and global history of Italian Colonialism in Africa
(Lars Berge, Karin Pallaver)

N. 19
The (re)making of a subcontinent ? Historical legacies, social dynamics and contemporary policies in West Africa
La (ri)costruzione di un subcontinente : eredità storiche, dinamiche sociali e politiche contemporanee in Africa occidentale.
(Giuseppe Maimone)

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