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Colonial and Postcolonial Landscapes : Architecture, Cities, Infrastructures

Call for papers

Proposals can be submitted until the 30th of June 2018 through the website of the congress and should apply to one of the following sessions :

1. Projecting Power in Colonial and Post-Colonial Angola and Mozambique : Architecture, Urban Design, Public Art and Monuments (Jeremy Ball, Gerbert Verheij)

​2. China in African, Latin American and Caribbean territories : Examining spatial transformations around diplomacy and economic aid (Valeria Guzmán Verri, Natalia Solano Meza)

3. Spaces in the Americas : current efforts towards a non-Eurocentric theory (Fernando Luiz Lara, Marcio Cotrim Cunha)

4. Planned Violence : Post/Colonial Urban Infrastructures, Literature and Culture (Dominic Davies, Elleke Boehmer)

​5. Infrastructural development in the European Portuguese territory in the late colonial period (Paulo Tormenta Pinto, João Paulo Delgado)

6. Peripheral infrastructures in late colonial cities (Tiago Castela)

​7. Single and collective housing as a modern laboratory in colonial territories : from public order to private initiative (Ana Magalhães)

8. Beyond Colonialism : Afro-Modernist Agents and Tectonics as Expression of Cultural Independence (Milia Lorraine Khoury, Diogo Pereira Henriques)

9. (De)constructing the Right to the City : Infrastructural policies and practices in Portuguese-speaking African countries (Sílvia Viegas, Sílvia Jorge)

​10. The interrupted utopia. Landscapes of modern collective housing in the PALOP (Roberto Goycoolea, Inês Lima Rodrigues)

11. Globalized Regionalism : the inheritance of colonial infrastructure (Eliana Sousa Santos, Susanne Bauer)

​12. Materiality & Mobility in the construction of Colonial Landscapes (Alice Santiago Faria)

​13. The transnational live project : critical reflections on the ethics, politics and pedagogies of collaborations between the global north and global south (Jhono Bennett, James Benedict Brown, Peter Russell)

14. Colonial Spatiality in African Sahara Regions (Samia Henni)​

15. Urban Legacies : linking enclaving and social identities (Anna Mazzolini, Morten Nielsen)

For further details on these sessions, please visit the dedicated page.