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Politiques scolaires, écoles et publics scolaires en Afrique sub-saharienne (milieu du XIXe siècle - années 1970)

« Public policies, schools and pupils : for a history of education in Africa (19th-21st C.)

Appel transmis par Jean-Luc Martineau, maître de conférences à l’INALCO.

 Formulaire d’engagement à participer à ce réseau

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Argumentaire :
We would like to set up a European research group on History of Education in Africa (19th-21st C.) through the AEGIS network. We believe that the History of Education brings a unique perspective to understand nation-buildings, imperialism, and the structuring of societies ; and then the political, economical, social, and cultural dynamics of colonial
and post-colonial Africa. While outstanding researches do exist, we notice that the field of History of Education in Africa is not structured and lacks the stimulation of intensive scientific discussions. That is why we need to foster international collaborations.

The first step to organize this research network will be a workshop held in Paris in March-April 2019. The second step will be a structuring panel at the Edinburgh ECAS conference in 2019. Of course, this focus on History do not exclude collaborations with colleagues from other disciplines, as long as a strong historical perspective characterize their work. In this way, our aim is to propose, in the coming years, a new pluridisciplinary AEGIS collaborative Research Group that would bring together all researchers of the AEGIS network already involved in the educational researches. The first aim of this email is to collect data on on-going research on the History of Education in Africa and to identify colleagues who may be interested by this future collective project.

As for now, among possible themes :

 circulation of policies (aims, concepts, and practices) between colonial headquarters, universities, institutes of education, and colonies.
 quantitative approach of schooling equipment in Africa since mid-19th century.
 male and female actors of education policies in Africa and their training abroad.
 impacts on individual and collective identities and on local/regional politics.
 social and economic changes for people before and after independence up to the end of the 1970s.

Dr Jean Luc Martineau, CESSMA INALCO, Maître de conférence
Dr Pierre Guidi, CEPED Université Paris Descartes, Chercheur IRD