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Circulation of biomedical knowledge and meteriality between Africa and Asia

Call for papers

  • ECAS 2019 : Africa : Connections and Disruptions

Deadline : 21 January 2019

Convenors :
- Clémence Schantz
- Carine Baxerres (IRD/ Université Paris Descartes/CNE)

Short Abstract :

In the context of new movements embedded in the "Global Health", we aim at exploring the circulation of biomedical knowledge and materiality between Africa and Asia through different cases studies : circulation of biomedical practices, objects and technologies, and circulation of health professionals

Long Abstract :

While the circulation of medical knowledge and materiality has long been part of historical relationships rooted in a colonial past between countries from ’the North’ to countries from ’the South’, this circulation has taken on a different face since the 60’s time of African independencies, with an acceleration in the 2000’s and the passage into the new era of "Global Health". Circulation in the biomedical field involves circulation of knowledge, practices (the technicisation of childbirth through caesarean section for example), objects and technologies (pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests, active ingredients, etc.) and health professionals (through medical trainings or cooperation). Through a transregional theory currently growing in social sciences that we would like to strengthen from grounded case studies, this panel aims to explore the global flow of circulation of biomedical knowledge and materiality between Africa and Asia and its implications on the different societies at both part of the Indian Ocean. We are waiting for propositions that could include historical, anthropological, sociological, geographical aspects with no limitation in disciplines. The panel aims at covering all fields of biomedicine.

The Call for papers is now open

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