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Scholarship Grant for Visiting Chapman University - Spring 2020

Chapman University, located in the heart of Orange County, California, offers traditional undergraduate programs and select pre-professional and graduate programs. Ranked in the top tier of western universities by U.S. News and World Report, Chapman has gained national recognition with its commitment to excellence through research and innovative teaching. More information.

The selected research domain is

 Humanities and Science

The visiting scholar is required to work on any topic concerned with possible relations between Human Sciences and Mathematical, Natural, or Social ones, either because of a genuine interdisciplinary interest, or because of an application of the methods of Human Sciences for accounting of the way Mathematical, Natural, and Social sciences proceed, or vice versa.

During their stay at Chapman, they will be asked to teach a course (3 hours for week) at an undergraduate or graduate level, on any topic connected to their research activity. A graduate course is possible only in the domains pertaining to Chapman Graduate programs.

The visiting scholar will be encouraged to develop scientific collaborations of any kind with Chapman scholars and, possibly, to have scientific contacts with scholars working in other Southern California schools.

The amount of the grant, to be charged to Chapman University, is 15.000 USD (subject to USA tax regulations, as outlined in the tax treaty between USA and France).

Chapman University will not provide housing, but will assist the visiting scholar in the search of an appropriate residence in Orange County. It will moreover provide the appropriate documentation (DS-2019 and letter of invitation) to obtain a J1 visa. Travel expenses are not covered by Chapman.


Interested scholars are invited to electronically submit their CV, together with a letter of interest specifying their current research subject matching with the selected research domain, and a sketch of the content of one or more possible courses to: inshs.chapman@cnrs.fr .

Please use “Chapman Scholarship Grant” as the email subject line.

The deadline for applications is June 15th 2019.

A decision about the attribution of the grant will be taken in agreement between the direction of Chapman University and the INSHS of the CNRS, and will be communicated by July 15st 2019.

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