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Film in Ethnographic Exhibitions

6.1 | 2018. Dernier numéro de la Revue AnthroVision
Edited by Anne Mette Jørgensen and Nadja Valentinčič Furlan

Anne Mette Jørgensen

Curating Film in Ethnographic Exhibitions

Mary Bouquet
Time, Space, Velocity, and Scale
Moving Images and Regional Evocation

Elisabeth Colding, Gitte Engholm and Rune Clausen
Route 360, New Roads for Communication
Imaginative and Didactic Faculties in Visual Technology

Janine Prins
Expanded Footage
Blending Video into a Colonial Heritage Exhibition

Nadja Valentinčič Furlan
Communicating Knowledge and Identities Audiovisually in Exhibitions : Participatory Approaches at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Karin Leivategija
Encountering Films in the Estonian National Museum


Paolo Favero
In Defence of Formal Experimentation :
Reflections on the Dialogue Between Visual Aesthetics and Ethnographic Knowledge Through the Making of the Documentary Film Flyoverdelhi (2004).

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