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Reviving its more than seventy-year-old history, Africa resumes publication with a view to providing Africanists with an interdisciplinary venue for in-depth discussion in all areas of the humanities and social sciences. Africa is now a double-blind peer-reviewed half-yearly journal, hosting contributions in Italian, English and French. The Editorial Board encourages submissions on a wide range of topics and from different theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. Published articles will invariably be the result of rigorous analysis and empirically grounded research. The journal also calls for the sustained contribution of Africa-based scholars, whose voices are frequently silenced due to a lack of adequate publishing opportunities. One of the driving ambitions of Africa is to challenge this imbalance.

Africa is published by the Centro Studi per i Popoli Extraeuropei “Cesare Bonacossa” through Viella Editrice, Rome. The journal is also supported by ISMEO - Associazione Internazionale di Studi sul Mediterraneo e l’Oriente.

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