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Back to the Future. Contemporary art and creative clothing practices in Africa and the Diaspora

Call for papers

Africa e Mediterraneo Dossier n. 95/2021, edited by Paul-Henri S. Assako Assako, Ivan Bargna, Giovanna Parodi da Passano, Gabi Scardi.

The next dossier of the journal will be dedicated to a multi-disciplinary in-depth exploration of the artists’ work on the material and symbolic transformations of the body that arise from clothing practices in Africa and the Diaspora :

Artists who work on the material and symbolic transformations of the body that arise from clothing practices can offer an important glimpse into the transformations taking place in Africa and the Diaspora. Clothing through the interplay of compositions and decompositions, combinations and contrasts, the new and the old, allows you to prefigure and experiment with new and different lifestyles in a context which is becoming increasingly mobile and precarious. In this way, artists can be seen as “cultural mediators” who imaginatively and creatively capture in their works the most widely spread lifestyles and cultural sensibilities.
An outfit is often the projection of desire, possible and impossible self-experimentations, which forms part of the script of one’s life. Outfits are disguises and masks that follow the ephemeral temporality of fashion or that try to imagine a future, leaving behind the past or recapturing it in a different light.
Clothing practices in contemporary art, in fashion and in the aesthetics of everyday life are spaces in which one becomes visible, one negotiates and one imposes oneself, remodelling the shapes of one’s body and one’s field of action. Claimed or experienced, clothing is a place and instrument of identity pride, of discrimination and social exclusion, of exchanges, appropriations and border crossings.
Contemporary artists are actively engaged in this field through their experimentation with new ways of creating individual and collective bodies and alternative relationship models. (...)

Deadline : June 15th 2021