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Benjamin SOARES, Professeur invité EPHE 2022

Benjamin SOARES, Professor, Department of Religion & Center for African Studies
Director, Center for Global Islamic Studies
University of Florida

He is a scholar of Islam and Muslim societies in Africa whose research focuses particularly on religious life from the early 20th century to the present. He has conducted research in Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sudan, as well as among West African Muslims in Europe and Asia. In recent work, he has looked at the connections between changing modalities of religious expression, different modes of belonging, and emergent social imaginaries in colonial and postcolonial West Africa. In addition to ongoing interests in religious encounters and religion, media, and the public sphere, he is studying contemporary Muslim public intellectuals in Africa.

He is a co-editor of Africa, the journal of the International African Institute (London), and he also co-edits the International African Library book series (Cambridge).

Professeur invité par Agnès Kedzierska-Manzon, Benjamin Soares séjournera à l’IMAF du 1er au 30 juin 2022.

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 Séminaires proposés pour la Direction d’études invitée Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, 2021-22
Il donnera 4 conférences les mercredis de 14h à 17h au 54 bd Raspail à Paris (première conférence salle 17 et les 3 autre salle 1).

Rethinking the Study of Religion in West Africa : Dogon Muslims, “Pagan” Saints, and Other Alleged Oxymorons

 1 Juin 2022 de 14h à 17h

Islam in Africa, Orientalism, and after

 8 Juin 2022 de 14h à 17h
Dogon Muslims and other alleged oxymorons

 15 Juin 2022 de 14h à 17h
Islamic “reform” and Islamism

 22 Juin 2022 de 14h à 17h
“Pagan” saints, “Rasta” Sufis, and new religious entrepreneurs