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Abeba Amare G/SILLASSIE, chercheure invitée à l’IMAF

Abeba Amare G/Sillassie (PhD), an assistant professor of English Literature, is a researcher and instructor with more than 19 years of experience at Addis Abeba University. As a researcher, she has conducted different research works related to literature, culture, gender, and media and published articles.
She has been sent to us by Pierre Guidi, and she is a colleague of the Ethiopian group of IMAF.

Currently, she is a postdoctoral fellow of the FMSH ATLAS 2022 Horn of Africa to France program, and she is hosted by IMAF. She will stay in IMAF from October 1 to November 30, 2022, for a period of two months. At the center of “Bodies, gender and subjectivities”, she will do her research project which specifically deals with the “Representation of the Female Body and Sexuality in Ethiopian Literature (Novels)”. The research will explore and examine how the female body and sexuality are defined, understood, characterized, and portrayed in the selected Amharic novels written by Ethiopian women and men writers.

Contact : gamareabeba@gmail.com