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The Nordic Africa Institute

The Nordic Africa Institute is seeking an experienced researcher of a professorial rank or its academic equivalent, with considerable administrative/management, mentoring, and publishing experience for the position of a senior researcher and leader of the research cluster on Mobility, Migration and Transnational Relations in Africa.

Senior researcher and leader of the research cluster on Mobility, Migration and Transnational Relations in Africa :
The incumbent will conduct and co-ordinate highly qualified research that addresses central theoretical and empirical aspects of human mobility, transnational networks, diasporas and migration policy.

The cluster leader is part of the research management team, and oversees the implementation of research plans and the co-ordination of the work of researchers within the cluster. The cluster leader will also participate in the activities pertaining to NAI´s scholarship programmes, planning seminars, networking and information dissemination. S/he is also expected to initiate processes for bridging empirical, theoretical and policy-relevant research, identify new and emerging research topics, policy dialogue, and collaboration with researchers and research institutions around the world, with emphasis on Africa and the Nordic countries. A good working knowledge of research centres, networks, and universities in the Nordic countries and in Africa will be an added advantage.

The Cluster Leader’s tasks include :
- Co-ordinate the team of researchers employed within the cluster, including promoting intellectual exchanges within the cluster, organizing seminars, conferences, lectures
- Initiating policy and research activities within the cluster
- Planning and coordination of a yearly action plan
- Reporting and follow up of research activities within the cluster
- Facilitating high quality and innovative research
- Initiating and participating in raising external funds for research programs at the institute
- Communication, promoting positive interaction between clusters at NAI, and between the cluster and external partners
- Recruitment, mentoring, and evaluation of researchers
- Following up on expenses within the cluster

Qualifications :
- A PhD degree in a social science or humanities discipline, with focus on mobility research. The applicant should have a considerable experience of work on Africa-related issues at the level of Associate Professor or above
- Strong writing ability and capacity to present complex issues in a readable form for both academic and non-academic audiences
- Excellent leadership skills and experience with research coordination and networking
- Strong analytical background
- Familiarity with the goals and strategies of key Nordic and international organizations and institutions
- Strong communication skills and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment
- Knowledge of Nordic and African institutions and civil society organizations, and contacts with researchers, policy makers and other relevant actors
- Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English
- Proven interest in transferring knowledge

The application :
The application should contain :

A/ A proposal not exceeding 5 pages. It should include the applicant’s

  1. Research questions, problems, methodology and theory situated in relation to the research cluster
  2. Network strategies (with particular reference to Africa and the Nordic countries) ; and
  3. Strategy for dissemination of research results (including contribution to policy advice).

B/ A complete CV with a list of publications.

C/ Three of the applicant’s own publications (in three copies each) relating to the research.

D/ The names and addresses (phone, fax, e-mail) of at least two referees.

As part of the interview, shortlisted candidates will be required to make a presentation to staff before the actual interview.

Contract period will be for three years with the possibility of a two year extension on the basis of an interim assessment. Salary as agreed.

Contact persons :
Iina Soiri, Director, Eva-Lena Svensson, Human Resources Manager and Trade Union representatives : Johan Sävström (ST-ATF) and Ingela Dahlin (Saco-S). All can be reached at +46 18 471 52 00.

For more information about NAI’s ongoing research activities, grants, library services and publications is available on the Institute’s website :

The application should be sent :
a) preferably by email to (Including publications to the extent possible or by indication of internet addresses where they might be available).

b) or in hard copy by regular post to The Nordic Africa Institute, P. O. Box 1703, SE–751 47 Uppsala, Sweden

Closing Date for applications : March 9, 2015

NAI is committed to an Equal Opportunities Policy in employment and since the institute strives for a balanced proportion of men and women, women are particularly encouraged to apply for the position.