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Elhadj OULD BRAHIM, professeur invité FMSH 2023

Elhadj Ould Brahim, researcher from Mauritania, is graduated recently, in 2021 from Istanbul University, Turkey. He finished an ethnographic dissertation on Visual and Oral cultures of the Bidan of Mauritania. He is trained and interested in the interdisciplinary intersections of Cultural and Social Anthropology, Culture and Visual Studies, Social and Critical Theories. He works on a postdoctoral project related to music, culture, identity politics, race and gender representation of the Haratin community in Mauritania.

He won the Programme de mobilité postdoctorale de courte durée en sciences humaines et sociales, a co-sponsored fellowship offered by La Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH) and le Conseil Arabe pour les Sciences Sociales (CASS) in Lebanon.

Référent IMAF : Sébastien Boulay

Dates du séjour : du 4 mai au 31 juillet 2023

Contact :