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The Gerti Hesseling Prize

In honour of the contribution made by the late Gerti Hesseling to the activities of AEGIS, the Board seeks nominations for the Gerti Hesseling Prize to be awarded for the best contribution to a European African Studies journal by a younger African scholar normally based in Africa.
The articles should have been published between January 2013 and December 2014. Nominations may be made by AEGIS centres and European-based African Studies journals, including AEGIS centre journals. The submissions may cover any aspect of Humanities and Social Sciences in relation to Africa, and may be written in any of the working languages of AEGIS member centres. Nominees are requested to provide a short statement (maximum of half a page) drawing the attention of the sub-committee to what is considered a significant contribution to knowledge in the article - this may be empirical or conceptual in nature. Only one nomination can be accepted from each centre/journal, although it is conceivable that more than one article from a journal may be nominated where the nominees are different. Self-nomination is not permitted. The nominations will be considered by the sub-committee which will make its recommendation for the award of a prize to the AEGIS Board.
The winning candidate will be invited to Paris for the ECAS 6 conference and will be asked to participate in a meet-the-author session at which their achievement will be celebrated.