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European Swahili Workshop (Afrique de l’Est/Océan Indien)

La 9ème édition du European Swahili Workshop se tiendra cette année à l’Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales (Ehess) / Institut des Mondes Africaines (IMAf) les 6 et 7 juillet 2015. Ces dates on été choisies pour combiner plus aisément la participation à ces deux journées avec la conférence ECAS 2015.

Le thème de la rencontre est : "Travailler sur/avec les archives et l’écrit en anthropologie et en études littéraires : perspectives sur le monde swahili". Les propositions de communications sont attendues pour le 27 avril au plus tard, et peuvent être envoyées en français ou en anglais.

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European Swahili Workshop No. 9
July 6-7, 2015
EHESS, Paris

“Working on/with archives and the written word in anthropology and literary studies : Perspectives on the Swahili world”

Organized by Marie-Aude Fouéré (EHESS), together with Maëline Le Lay (CNRS) and Nathalie Carré (INALCO)

This theme is intended to reflect the rapprochement of the research objects and theoretical perspectives of anthropology and literary studies. This rapprochement offers opportunities to discuss commonalities and differences in how archives and texts are explored and analysed. It also intends to interrogate the relations between the written word and orality and performance.

Participants may like to consider questions such as : How does the anthropology of texts and of the archive intersect – or not – with a literary studies increasingly interested in contextualizing the text ? How can the study of the production of texts be tied to their reception, exploring not only audience and readership but also processes of oralisation of texts and entextualisation of orality ? Can the study of texts go along with research on performance, and how ? Are disciplinary boundaries relevant and desirable ?

As historians and philologists working on Arabic and Swahili manuscripts have demonstrated, due to early Islamization and the preservation of documents, the Swahili world is characterized by the pervasiveness of the written word. As a result it is a particularly relevant site in which to engage in such theoretical and epistemological reflections.

We invite potential participants to think about the theme in association with contemporary issues that touch upon the Swahili and their worlds, whether this be in East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Europe or beyond. The workshop encourages the submission of papers that reflect the diversity of research interests among Swahili scholars as long as they relate to the general topical framework proposed. Abstracts can be sent in English or French before 27th April 2015. Both languages may be used during the workshop.

Information :

· The workshop has been deliberately scheduled to take place immediately before the ECAS conference, thus conveniently allowing participants to attend both if they so wish – there is, however, no formal link between the two events

· The organizers will cover lunch, dinners and breaks as well as travel from/to the airport. Travel and accommodation will be at the cost of each participant ; however, limited funds may be available to those unable to meet the costs – requests will be studied on a case-by-case basis, especially for students or those travelling from far abroad.

· There are no specific registration fees or costs

· The workshop will take place at Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) / Institut des Mondes Africains (IMAf) 96 boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris, France (conference room, 2nd floor).