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Studies in the History and Society of the Maghrib

Edited by Amira K. Bennison, University of Cambridge, Léon Buskens, University of Leiden and Houari Touati, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris

Studies in the History and Society of the Maghrib is a series of peer reviewed monographs and coherent edited volumes on the societies of the Maghrib.

The Maghrib is a category used by scholars working within several traditions and disciplines. For this series it is understood in its widest sense, covering societies ranging from Mauritania to Libya and its relations with Western Egypt and al-Andalus. This area offers a useful framework for analysis, since its societies show similarities as well as differences which make comparison especially worthwhile. The series aims to publish innovative original work on various aspects of Maghribi societies and covers the entire span of the Islamic history of the region, with a notable interest in current developments. Since all aspects of its social and cultural life are considered of interest, the series encompasses many disciplines ranging from traditional philological approaches to history, art, and the social and political sciences. Monographs, edited texts, translations, and edited volumes are all welcome to be part of the series. Comparative analyses, preferably theoretically informed, are also welcome.

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