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PhD Opportunity

University of Leicester : Fully Funded 4-year PhD Opportunity
Graduate Research Assistantship – Deportation, Detention and Migration

We are looking for a highly promising student who will relish the opportunity of combining doctoral research with research assistance to Professor Clare Anderson and/ or Dr Leah Bassel. We welcome applications from students with an understanding of the history and/ or sociology of deportation, detention and migration, and/ or related areas. Individuals with backgrounds in the broad subject area are encouraged to apply, including those with an interest in –

 ’free’ and ’forced’ migration, past and present (slavery, ’trafficking’, migration/ exile as punishment) ;

 the gender, race and class dimensions of migration, coercion and confinement, and detention and deportation ;

 tracing forms of resistance to coerced migration, detention and deportation in contemporary and/ or comparative, historical perspective ;

 the presence of the past in contemporary pro-migrant and migrant-led social movements, particularly the absence or presence of the colonial legacy in discourses and practices of mobilisation.

Deadline 1 December 2015

Available January 2016

Full details :