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VI Annual Meeting of the African Economic History Network

Conference theme : New Approaches to African Economic History : History, Methods and Interdisciplinarity

How can different disciplines and methodological approaches contribute to our understanding of long-term African economic development ? Traditionally, the historiography of Africa’s social and economic past has been shaped and enriched by a cross-fertilization of disciplines. Due to the lack of written records and the paucity of reliable quantitative evidence for a considerable part of the continent’s history, African economic historians engage in productive dialogue with historians, anthropologists, sociologists and economists. The conference will devote particular emphasis to papers and contributions that bring issues of methodology and interdisciplinarity to the fore.

Keynote speaker : Professor Paul Lovejoy (York University, Toronto, Canada)

Call for papers

The organising committee of the VI Annual Meeting of the African Economic History Network (AEHN) launches a broad call for papers presenting frontier research in the field of African Economic History, with particular attention to innovative methods for evaluating Africa’s social and economic development in historical and comparative perspectives, both at the micro and macro level. The committee also specifically encourages scholars from Africa to present their work.

The committee solicits both individual papers and proposals for sessions consisting of 3-4 papers. Session organisers and prospective chairs should send session titles along with the names and contact details of presenters, and titles and abstracts for each of the proposed papers.

Paper presenters and panel proposers should submit paper title and an abstract of no less than 500 words, or full papers to :

Deadline : 15 May 2016

More information on the conference and accommodation in Brighton